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Export Sauna Welcomes You

Export Sauna - Steps to become an consultant

Discover Our Expertise. Here are the steps to become an Export Sauna Consultant:

1. Finding a suitable Export Sauna Consultant.

2. Guiding the consultant candidate to the Export Sauna recruiting process. Interview by two partners, determining the attributes and verifying suitability.

3. Doing the match-making the suitable Export Sauna consultant with potential cases.

4. Matching the case with suitable Export Sauna Consultant - Looking up the case with the customer.

Export Sauna exists to be a comprehensive network and community from where a customer could acquire the best marketer and sales consultant to the target country they are expanding or exporting. Our unique approach to connect a native person and company willing to expand is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. 

See below the benefits for consultants:

Business Meeting

Community to help you forward

You will get expert guidance for your continuous development and community of international-minded people.


Opportunities for continuous growth

Grow your network and acquire experience to further commercialize the knowledge you have.

Use of expertise to be export specialist

Achieve the goals that you want and become an export specialist in the Nordics.

Business Meeting

Case-by-case based Income

You create the revenue from the cases you provide for the customers with a freelance-based model. Export Sauna makes matching with a suitable customer in need of our services.

Business Meeting
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